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Most Christians today are unfortunately thinking it is the end of the world, mark of the beast, doom and gloom, etc. This defeated mindset has empowered Satan to trick the Church for numerous generations. Keeping them docile, and permitting evil in the high places.

This stems from FALSE END TIMES THEOLOGIES that have been taught in the Church!!! 

In this book you will learn that Satan HAS ALREADY BEEN JUDGED, and that God's Children are the rightful heirs of ALL positions of power in this earth NOW.. That we are taking over now! 

Why do you think Satan is launching all these attacks at once?? It's because believers started learning the TRUE KINGDOM MESSAGE! The message that EXPOSES AND CRUSHES THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS.. 

You will find this message in this audio book..

The world is waiting on God's people to wake up and realize they are KINGS THAT REIGN ON EARTH!

This is a jam packed, fun, and scripture based study book you will want to listen to over and over.. These 7 chapters are sure to transform minds, and the world! I have been teaching it for 10 years, and now people are hearing!! "Its not the end times, God's Children taking over!"

REVIEW: by Steve Holmes

Born Again As Kings is a book like you probably have never read before! Cory Gray has captured a comprehensive understanding of the Kingdom of God like I have never heard. I had been a vocational minister for 15 years and a student of the Word for many more than that, trying to carefully understand such important topics as the Kingdom of God. 

Cory for the most part, formulated his understanding primarily from reading scripture over and over and over again and through seeking to understand what Holy Spirit wanted him to know. 

In this book you will hear the most coherent explanation to doctrines such as the The Last Days, The Day of The Lord and The Rapture and how all this fits into the Kingdom of God. And you will be SHOCKED at how pertinent this book is to your everyday life!

As the title expresses , "Born Again As Kings" we must be born again into the Kingdom of God, or as it is stated in some parts to inherit the Kingdom of God. Some might think that born again refers to getting saved, escaping hell and getting to go to heaven some day. This book will blow your mind in regards to just what we must be born again for! 

I urge you to read or listen to "Born Again As Kings" with an open mind, to listen carefully to Holy Spirit as you do and study the scripture thoroughly to anchor your own conviction in the truth. Weigh traditional beliefs against contextually interpreted scripture and seek out the original language to understand the intent of the writer of the scriptural passages. 

This is not just another "Last Days" pseudo prophetic book. This is a study of the Kingdom of God as it was intended for us to understand; stripped of the layers of traditions which have been Satan-induced cover-ups and misconstrued concepts to impair the true, the "Good News" from being known, believed and acted upon.  

The truth taught here is of utmost importance for all believers to grasp. The fullness of life in Christ is contingent upon us receiving and acting on these realities! What you do with this truth is very consequential. Don't ignore it! Wrestle with it if need be, until Holy Spirit gives rest upon the truth. 

I hope you will find this book as rewarding and inspiring as I have and even more so! 
Sincerely, Steve Holmes 

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