Get Your Audio Book! This is freshly released as of November 25th 2021!! 

Most Christians today are unfortunately thinking it is the end of the world, mark of the beast, doom and gloom, etc. This defeated mindset has empowered Satan to trick the Church for numerous generations. Keeping them docile, and permitting evil in the high places.

This stems from FALSE END TIMES THEOLOGIES that have been taught in the Church!!! 

In this audio book you will learn that Satan HAS ALREADY BEEN JUDGED, and that God's Children are the rightful heirs of ALL positions of power in this earth NOW.. That we are taking over now! 

Why do you think Satan is launching all these attacks at once?? It's because believers started learning the TRUE KINGDOM MESSAGE! The message that EXPOSES AND CRUSHES THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS.. 

You will find this message in this audio book..

The world is waiting on God's people to wake up and realize they are KINGS THAT REIGN ON EARTH!

This is a jam packed, fun, and scripture based audio book you will want to listen to over and over.. These 7 chapters are sure to transform minds, and the world! I have been teaching it for 10 years, and now people are hearing!! "Its not the end times, God's Children taking over!"

From the life of a drug dealer, then radically delivered.. Translated out of darkness and into the life of missionary in Nicaragua, to family man, to supernatural Kingdom Entrepreneur. 

"Cory Gray brings a unique Biblical perspective of VICTORY NOW, HOPE NOW, and the Children of God taking over the world, NOW!! Powerful revelation of Kingship."

What if it isn't the "end of the world," but rather the end of Satan and his rule on earth!!? What if the Meek were actually to inherit this earth NOW!?? What if we were to rebuild, renew, and restore this earth!!?

This book is the opposite of the doom and gloom Christian Messages, so if your looking for more of that this book wouldn't be for you. 

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